Monday, August 1, 2011

Kate's in Mexico!

Kate's in Mexico busy with several things: taking an intensive Spanish-language course, doing some scouting (she 's found one spectacular Oaxacan sculpture on a collector's special-request list), and seeing the sights.

She spent some time at a Guelaguetza.

She writes: "The Guelaguetza is an annual Oaxacan celebration of the ethnic traditions of its seven distinct regions and cultures. Combining ancient traditions with mestizo culture and Catholic ritual, the Guelaguetza takes place on the last two Mondays in July in several towns. This Guelaguetza took place in the town of San Juan Chilateca."

She went to a museum and solved the mystery of putting on armor. Note the buckles and straps in the second photo.

 And contemplated the differences in ironing among the socio-economic classes:

 More to come about Kate's adventures in Mexico.

-- Lisa Deeley Smith

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