Friday, August 15, 2008

A Small, Beautiful Way To Help Tibet

At Crossroads Trade we carry beautiful things not only for their beauty, but as a way to provide support and to uphold the dignity of refugees and exiles. Many oppressed people flee with their talents and their work ethic intact, and seek to express them and to provide income for their families. Kate made that commitment to help again when this morning she bought jewelry from Jewels of Tibet, headquartered in far northern India. Many Tibetan exiles are living and working in northern India, and we provide the connection from you to them.

The new finds range from the classically beautiful to the fun. The pendants feature the highly symbolic double dorjee motif. Known in Sanskirt as vajra, it represents both a diamond and thunderbolt, with all the attendant associations of power and strength. The well-known symbol of the lotus glows on the rings.
The scrap-metal necklaces are remarkable. Made of dozens of tiny cups, these necklaces hold their shape when twisted. They can be worn as necklaces, knotted or unknotted, but they're also striking when wrapped around your wrist.

As I write, the Bejing Olympics are in full force. Even as the athletes are competing, awareness of the fate of Tibet, of protestors suppressed and web sites shut down, is always present. The symbols on our jewelry are not only religious and cultural symbols, but symbols of a people who will not go away. How can you help the people of Tibet? One way is right here.

-- Lisa