Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Our Inuit art prints are up!

We are delighted that many of our limited-edition Inuit art prints are now on our web site. These are prints Kate bought from the famed Holman Eskimo Cooperative and the artist's collective at Cape Dorset -- both within the Arctic Circle of Canada.

Our prints are all numbered -- most from an edition of 50, some from an edition of 25 -- and signed, some with Inuit symbols in addition to the artist's name in English. Collectors will recognize the names Mary Okheena, Mabel Nigiyok, Mayureak Ashoona, and others. Our web site is completely searchable, so feel free to type in a name or a theme.

Some prints are easy to interpret, such as "Hunter's Dream" above. Others, such as "Asking for Help" on the right, recall Inuit legends and stories and shamanistic beliefs that are not entirely suppressed even in the late 20th and early 21st century.

Our prints are all shrinkwrapped on foam core, and are priced to ship in an oversized art box. If you'd like to discuss shipping prices with Kate, e-mail her at info@crossroadstrade.com.

We still have some more prints to post. Keep checking back!

-- Lisa Deeley Smith