Sunday, January 31, 2010

No news yet from our Haitian suppliers

Crossroads Trade has bought wonderful, whimsical wares from a Haitian cooperative for eight years. Based in Port-au-Prince, the co-op provides employment to 400 artisans. (Each wage-earner in Haiti supports an average of nine people).

Over the years, the co-op has withstood embargoes, political turmoil and robberies. The artisans have regrouped every time.

We have not been able to reach the co-op since the earthquake. We do not know whether the co-op withstood the quake or how many artisans were killed or injured. We will let you know when we hear from them. We will make it a priority to place an order as soon as they regroup.
  Pictured: steel-drum scrap frog, $12; steel-drum scrap gecko, $36; steel-drum rasta bus key hook, $28.