Wednesday, February 3, 2010

For Valentine's Day: Fair-Trade Chocolate!

Chocolate is a $13 billion business in the United States, yet consumers seldom know its real cost; 284,000 children work in as slaves or indentured servants in West African cocoa plantations.Historically, cocoa farmers have no control over the price they are paid for their crop. Prices fluctuates dramatically. With no floorprice and an unstable market, cocoa farmers' only opportunity tomake ends meet has been exploitation of children, the world's most vulnerable workforce.

Buying fair trade chocolate ensures that farmers are paid a fair wage for their crop. Fair trade companies guarantee a floor price for cocoa production, with additional guarantees if industry prices rise above the fair trade price. Children stay in school. They are not sold into servitude to work in cocoa fields.

Your purchase of ethically sourced chocolate tells the chocolate industry that this matters to you. Check out our delicious chocolate treats today!

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