Saturday, June 28, 2008

New Jewelry at Crossroads Trade

We're making great progress in finding new sources for Indian jewelry! I've tracked down two artisans from Santo Domingo Pueblo, New Mexico, whom I'd been trying to contact for some time. Daniel Coriz makes spectacular inlaid earrings. Chris Nieto makes Santo Domingo's trademark hand-made heishi bead necklaces, in which every bead is ground by hand. Chris Nieto's work will arrive next week. We hope to have Daniel's earrings within the next few weeks.

Just received: a variety of Indian jewelry, including: Lupe Lovato's turquoise slab and hand-ground beaded earrings from Santo Domingo; Zuni inlaid and needlepoint earrings; and Navajo earrings and bracelets with a variety of stones and settings.

We also just received a shipment of lovely Balinese earrings. These pieces are made in five family workshops, and come to the US through a fair trade wholesaler. For this round, we've chosen a variety of shells in striking, simple, silver settings.

Please stop by for a look,or ask us to e-mail you photos!


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